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“Mandate homologation and the opening of a protective regime: psychosocial assessments”

May 3rd, 2011

What is a Mandate in the Case of Incapacity?

This is a, “document in which a person, known as a mandatory, while in full possession of his faculties, appoints another person, known as the mandatary, to see to his protection or administer his property or both at once, in the event that illness or an accident deprives him of his faculties, either temporarily or permanently.” http://www.curateur.gouv.qc.ca/cura/publications/mandatE.pdfpermanently.

What is the homologation of a Mandate in the Case of Incapacity mean?

It is the legal procedure in which a person’s incapacity is proven by a Court of Law, and the designated mandatary is given the legal authority to act on the mandator’s behalf. Without this legal procedure, the document “as is” does not allow legally for the mandatary to use the authority entrusted to them by the Mandator.

When is it time to homologate a Mandate in the Case of Incapacity?

If your mother, father, spouse, partner, friend, or relative designated you to make decisions for their health care, medical treatment, housing situation, management of their finances, or for any other reason should they not be able to make decisions for themselves, it is recommended that you homologate a Mandate as soon as the mandatary (person who signed the document) is deemed incapacitated. As a mandatary (person named to manage the personal or financial affairs of another), you must have the complete legal authority to make all decisions (personally, medically, and financially) for your loved one. A homologated mandate is the legal step required to ensure that you can manage all aspects of your loved ones’ life without complications.

What are the steps involved to homologate a mandate?

Medical assessment:
A physician (M.D.) must complete a medical form (Report of the Director General – 2A) that outlines the person’s diagnosis and mental capacities. If you do not have a physician who can do this, Erickson Resource Group can refer you to someone.

Psychosocial assessment:
The CLSC social worker or a social worker in private practice can complete the psychosocial assessment for a mandate homologation. Often, the wait at the CLSC is between 5-8 months. Check with your local CLSC to assess the wait times. Erickson Resource Group can complete the psychosocial evaluation and report within 10 business days. An expedited service is available for urgent cases. Please phone Erickson Resource Group to learn more about the specific steps and fees involved in this process.

Both of these reports are given to a notary or an attorney for filing with the court. Please contact your notary or attorney for further information regarding the specific legal steps and fees involved. If you do not know a notary or attorney who specializes in this area of practice, please contact Erickson Resource Group and we can refer you to a notary.

What could happen if the Mandate is not homologated?

What if you need to sell you loved ones’ home but they are no longer competent to sign the necessary documents? What if you need to make changes to your loved one’s pension? Change an address? Change an investment account? None of this can be done without a homologated mandate. You may have been acting on the mandator’s behalf without a homologated mandate and have not had complications. However, if you are questioned by a financial or governmental institution and the Mandate is not homologated, financial accounts could be “frozen” until such time that the Mandate has been homologated. This could create delays of up to 6 months for family members.

What is a protective regime?

If someone did not take the steps to sign a Mandate in the Case of Incapacity, and it is felt that they require protection or assistance, someone can apply to the government to represent this person in financial and personal matters. There are different levels of protective regime. Please refer to the following link on the government website to learn more. http://www.curateur.gouv.qc.ca/cura/en/majeur/inaptitude/protection/index.html

What are the steps to apply for a private curatorship or private tutorship?

Medical assessment:
A MD must complete a medical form (Report of the Director General – 2A) that outlines the person’s diagnosis and mental capacities. If you do not have a physician to do this, Erickson Resource Group can refer you to someone.

Psychosocial assessment:
The CLSC social worker or a social worker in private practice can complete the psychosocial assessment for a private or public curatorship. Often, the wait at the CLSC is between 5-8 months. Check with your local CLSC to assess the wait times. Erickson Resource Group can complete the psychosocial evaluation and report within 10 business days. An expedited service is available for urgent cases. Please contact Erickson Resource Group to learn more about the specific steps and fees involved in this process.

Both of these reports are given to a notary or attorney for filing with the court. In addition, there is a “family council” that is facilitated by your notary or attorney. Please contact your notary or attorney for further information regarding the specific legal steps and fees involved. If you do not know a notary or attorney who specializes in this area of practice, please contact Erickson Resource Group and we can refer you to a notary.

What could happen if I do not become a private curator or tutor on behalf of my loved one?

What if you need to sell you loved ones’ home but they are no longer competent to sign the necessary documents? What if you need to make changes to your loved one’s pension? Change an address? Change an investment account? None of this can be done without an established protective regime. If this step is not taken until a crisis occurs, the family will experience long time delays and accounts can be frozen in the interim.

Who can help me navigate this process?

Erickson Resource Group can provide the psychosocial assessment for either a homologation of a mandate or for an application for protective regime on a private basis. You may also contact l’Ordre Professionnel des Travailleurs Sociaux du Québec for more information. We also have referrals to many notaries and/or attorneys who can assist you with the legal process. You may also consult the Chambre des Notaries for more information. Erickson Resource Group can refer you to a physician who can assist with the assessment and completion for the required medical form on a private basis. Erickson Resource Group can provide you with guidance and support throughout this process.

How long does this process take?

Erickson Resource Group can complete the psychosocial assessment required within 10 business days after meeting with the client and family. Generally, a ERG social worker can meet with the client and family within a week of receiving the request. An expedited service is also available. If you choose to go with a public agency (CLSC, CHSLD, etc.), there could be delays for up to 6 months. Contact your local government agency for an estimated time frame. ERG provides services in both English and French.

The medical report can also be completed on a private basis and ERG can assist you in connecting with a physician. If you choose to go with a public agency (CLSC, CHSLD, etc.), there could be delays for up to 6 months. Contact your local government agency for an estimated time frame. You can also request that the client’s family doctor complete the required form. ERG can assist you in facilitating this process.

The legal petitioning of the Court cannot occur until both the psychosocial assessment and the medical report are completed and given to the notary or attorney. Once the notary or attorney has these documents, they can petition the Court. Depending on the notary/attorney and the Court delays, the process can take as little as 4 weeks and up to 6 months. There are additional steps required for the opening of a private curatorship or private tutorship.

For more information, contact Stephanie Erickson at Erickson Resource Group at (514) 795-7377.

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  On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand chats with Yankees reliever Dave Robertson about Mariano Rivera's bad week, what it's been like in the clubhouse since A-Rod returned and Robertson's "Power of 2" contest with Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster.

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  Don’t worry, though. Not only do they stay, they quickly meet a whole crew of teenagers who have parent problems and social issues at school and all the rest of the stuff that has made ABC Family a leader in teen drama.

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  On Wednesday, Snowden held a six-hour meeting in Moscow with McGovern and three other former U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials who have all become critics of government surveillance programs.

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  Earlier, Crimewatch editor Joe Mather described the response to the programme as "truly unprecedented", and said some callers had given the same name for a man spotted carrying a child towards the beach in Praia da Luz.

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  Government troops launched a broad offensive to retake rebel-held areas of Homs, Syria's third-largest city, a month ago. The city is a crossroads for the main highway from Damascus to the north as well as to the coastal region that is a stronghold of Assad's Alawite sect.

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  The federal charges range from allegations that the two conspired to forge W-2 forms, tax returns, pay stubs and other documents to trick banks into lending them money, to accusations of perjury and false statements in their bankruptcy proceedings.

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  The company also backtracked on a 40-hour monthly limit on free music streaming that was announced just six months ago, a measure originally implemented to control rising costs. Pandora said it will lift the monthly cap September 1 after watching its margins improve.

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  An analysis of state records by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram found that 57-year-olds last year sought the most concealed handgun licenses in Texas. In recent years, Texans aged 63, 52, 61 and 60 have also led the way in gun permits.

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  And Opportunity isn't the only NASA spacecraft roving on Mars. The $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory mission's rover, Curiosity, arrived on the Red Planet in August 2012 and is exploring the Gale crater area.

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  "But at the same time if that's what my team needs me to do, that's what I'll do. If coach wants me to be a sixth man I'll be a sixth man. If he wants me to start I'll start. That's up to him."

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  Home builders have also been falling because government bond yields are used to set mortgage rates. If mortgage rates increase sharply, it could cool demand for homes and squelch a recovery in the housing market.

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  "The game is evolving all the time but the style never changes," he said. "I've always asked teams to control and dominate the ball, be aggressive in their defending and press really aggressively and high up the pitch - but that can be in whatever system."

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  Big winners with the new set included Al Roker. His larger weather screen provided a quick, easy, informative glance at the weather — even if he may have been overstating slightly when he said it would make the weather "interactive."

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  But a young law clerk named Kevin Connolly (Benjamin Walker) starts bulldogging the case, first persuading his boss, Justice John Harlan (Christopher Plummer), to hear it and then finding a legal smoking gun.

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  "Tonight, tonight, tonight, Sisi is going down tonight," the crowd chanted, referring to General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, the head of the armed forces, who played a central role in driving Mursi from office.

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  Seasons are fundamental to how we understand the climate and the environment, but for hundreds of years academics have argued that their specialist field is the one which defines official start of autumn.

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  In the paper, Pizzarello and her coauthors conclude that similar compounds could have formed when carbonaceous chondrite meteors landed on the early Earth, where hydrothermal conditions may have facilitated their formation. 

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  Rather than solely relying on you searching for a location, the map automatically highlights your work, home, frequently searched-for locations and new places you might be interested in, based on your search history and places your friends have given good reviews. “Larry calls this going from a demand to an assist,” Jonah Jones, Maps’ lead designer, said of CEO Larry Page.

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  Other challenged areas that analysts point to as being ripefor pruning include Nestle's ice cream, frozen foods and waterbusinesses. Liberum Capital suggests that Nestle could also sellits table and cooking sauces business, as well as its stake inL'Oreal cosmetics.

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  The Hall of Fame pitcher became the 10th president of the Rangers in February 2008 and became chief executive officer three years later. He was also part of the ownership group that acquired the team in August 2010, months before their first World Series.

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  I hope it’s not the former, because it certainly sounds like you have reviewed some other evidence to come to a conclusion, rather than simply accepted an interested party’s view of some ambiguous evidence.

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  Creedon said the Pentagon was complying with the law despiteits reservations, and had spent the past months using publiclyavailable data to whittle down a list of 450 federally ownedsites, first to 10, and now to five.

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  Last year the FDA released guidelines for studying breast cancer drugs in the pre-surgical setting, with the aim of accelerating approval of promising therapies. Perjeta is the first drug to undergo FDA review since those recommendations were released. If approved, it could encourage more drugmakers to study cancer drugs for early-stage use.

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  Capt Barrie, from Penicuik in Midlothian, had been mentoring and advising a brigade of the ANA to take over security in an area of southern Afghanistan before he was killed in the "green-on-blue" attack.

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  Binz was questioned extensively in a Senate hearing onTuesday about what Republicans and some outside interest groupshave termed an opposition to fossil fuels in favor of renewablefuels like wind power.

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  Authorities say the case came to light after the Kenyan woman, who is around 30 years old, escaped from the residence and flagged down a bus driver. Officers who went to the home found four Filipino women whose status was unclear, and prosecutors have said that more charges may be filed.

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  The country’s labour market is expected to grow even more slowly in the last few months of 2013, as the US absorbs the impact of the political standoff which forced the government to shut down earlier this month.

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  Never one to stay away from the spotlight for long, Kim took to Twitter to debut her new lighter locks - and her ample cleavage. 'I dyed my hair lighter yesterday! I'm loving it! New hair color=new beginnings for me,' she tweeted. 'You like?'

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  The Silk Commission, set up by the UK government, is currently looking at the devolution settlement in Wales and has already said ministers in Cardiff should be given the power to vary some tax rates.

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  “When they did come out, they were bad again,” says our source. “But they have nothing to replace it. Now competitors smell blood in the water and they’re calling to pitch their own shows, saying, ‘Slide this in.’”

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  The Labor Department said on Thursday its Consumer Price Index rose 0.2 percent as the cost of goods and services ranging from tobacco to apparel and food increased. The CPI had increased 0.5 percent in June.

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  European shares finished the day largely unchanged, with afall in bank stocks offsetting gains spurred by two giantmergers, in the media and pharmaceuticals sectors, which addedto a flurry of M&A activity in recent weeks. Bankstocks were hit by speculation about a capital hike at Barclays, whose shares slid 3.5 percent..

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  Alastair Newton, senior political analyst at Nomura, reiterated his view that the chance of Britain exiting the EU – a so-called "Brixit" - was 50 percent in a research note Thursday, but said there were still uncertainties.

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  Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked the government's "black budget" for fiscal year 2013 to The Washington Post, which published portions of the top-secret document online in the latest in a series of revelations that have put the US intelligence community under a spotlight.

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  Kim Kardashian donned a gray Donna Karan wrap dress outside her family's Dash boutique in Los Angeles on Oct. 10, 2013. The next day, Jennifer Hudson sported the same frock to the premiere of "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete" in Chicago on Oct. 11. Both stars draped the clingy creation in different ways: Kim with a deep cowl neck, and Jennifer with a tight wrap. We'll give this point to Jennifer, though: Her sleeker take accentuates her curves and doesn't look droopy.

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  The report said contractors were often given temporary passes without being vetted. In other cases the company doing the background checks used unreliable or out-of-date databases, the report said. The background checks are often done by private contractors.

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  Anderson's work, however, is the shortest of the opening Prom night. At around four minutes long, it draws on material from the composer's first opera, Thebans, which will premiere at the ENO in May 2014.

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  The MP, a former trade union leader, rejected Mr Miliband’s suggestion that Labour’s close relationship with the unions was “the problem” facing the party. He said Labour’s rules did not need to change following the Falkirk vote-fixing scandal because existing procedures could deal with the issues.

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  In Georgia, a person applying today would get 18 weeks of state benefits plus 25 weeks of federal benefits. In Michigan, the federal government will cover an additional 28 weeks. The current maximum, for states with an unemployment rate of at least 9 percent, is 47 weeks of federal help.

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  Merkel's Christian Democrats and the SPD appear headed for a showdown over tax policy and bellwether cabinet positions, including the influential finance ministry now led by Merkel ally Wolfgang Schaeuble.

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  The elevation data was part of a series of about 400 updated maps released earlier this month by the agency, which is updating and refining all of Alaska's topographic maps, some of which have been used for decades.

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  The improved view of the economy, combined with investorsturning their attention to earnings season, helped send equitieshigher, said Bucky Hellwig, senior vice president at BB&T WealthManagement in Birmingham, Alabama.

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  Several stars have already begun to publicize the program. Funny or Die, a comedy video website with more than 19 millionunique users per month and 6.4 million Twitter followers, isalready working on several videos featuring celebrities, theWhite House said.

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  "Aweys is the father of the jihadist ideology in Somalia, and supported suicide bombings. But he was a bit averse to foreign influence, and more perceptive to public opinion because his goal was to achieve power," Mr Abdi told the BBC.

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  FRANKFURT, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Activist investor Cevian hasraised its stake in ThyssenKrupp to 5.2 percent andsaid it could buy more, in a move that was welcomed by theGerman steelmaker's CEO who is struggling to push the firm intonew higher-margin businesses.

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  Simon Warren, from the partnership, says: "If you think for a moment about the horror of that situation, I think that gives some sort of degree to the level of disappointment that I feel that this state of affairs came about."

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  "The results weren't what we expected, but they tie in with previous research on addiction, which has found that substance abusers - people who are dependent on cocaine or amphetamine, for example - have altered dopamine systems," explained lead scientist, Dr Michael Bloomfield, of Imperial College London.

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  This adds to a large volume of research on the benefits of regular physical activity. Exercise has been shown to lower the risk of early death, help control weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, some types of cancer and a host of other conditions. It lowers the risk of cognitive decline and hip fractures.

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  Rather than trying to figure out the "true" probability of agiven event, he said, policymakers should look at how likelyhouseholds view that event. That information can be found in theprices of options on assets from gold to stock indexes to wheat,the slides suggested.

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  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday that Japan willincrease its national sales tax to 8 percent in April from 5percent, and also unveiled a 5 trillion yen ($51 billion) stimulus package to cushion the economic impact.

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  Forest Service spokesman Ray Mooney said he was not immediately able to get more information from investigators. The Tuolumne County District Attorney's Office also assisted in the investigation, but declined to comment.

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  Expedition 36 crew members performed a variety of experiments while aboard the space station. Cassidy photographed samples collected for the Binary Colloidal Alloy Test experiment, which studies nano-particles dispersed in liquids with potential benefits for the food industries.

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Erickson Resource Group - I Care 
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