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Psychosocial assessments in view of a mandate homologation or protective regime

March 31st, 2014

The process of mandate homologation or the opening of a protective regime can be daunting and confusing for families. The below information is a quick summary of the most common questions that Erickson Resource Group receives when families phone for information. The Erickson Resource Group team is available in French, English, Italian and Portuguese.

1. What is a psychosocial assessment? A summary of your loved one’s remote history and a description of the onset and progression of their current illness/symptoms.

2. Why do we need this assessment? (“The CLSC just did one for placement….the hospital just collected all of this information”). The report that the court requires contains much of the same information as the CLSCs and the hospitals collect. Unfortunately, the “format” is different and the objective is different. This psychosocial report is about “capacity” and this is reflected in the content and process.

3. How do you get this information? An Erickson Resource Group social worker will meet with the mandatary (s) to obtain written consent and to conduct an interview. Next, the ERG social worker will interview your loved one. Finally, the ERG social worker consults with other health care professionals (nurses, social workers), consults available medical records, and phones other family members. All of these interviews take between 2-3 hours.

4. What do you do with the psychosocial report? The ERG social worker sends two original copies to the notary/attorney and one copy to each of the mandataries. If appropriate, your loved one also receives a copy.

5. Is this all you need? The ERG social worker must review the medical report (The Report of the Director General) prior to the completion of the psychosocial report. We can coordinate its completion if requested. The ERG social worker must also have a copy of the Mandate for our files.

6. How long will this take? Generally, the ERG social worker can meet with you and your loved one within a week. ERG has a 10 day report completion guarantee (assuming the medical report is done within this time frame). Once the notary or lawyer receives the psychosocial report, the court process can take between one month and four months.

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