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Free 13 minute webinar on Dementia and other cognitive disorders

April 23rd, 2014

When someone that we love is diagnosed with Dementia or one of its many types, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, our first reaction is likely fear. We know that this illness is progressive in nature and at some point we will watch our loved one change in ways that we cannot imagine. The goal of this webinar is to give you an overview of Dementia, and the ways in which it effects one’s general cognitive functioning.  Please consult a physician if you find that any of these symptoms relate to you or someone you love.  Remember, cognitive losses could be a result of an underlying medical condition and are not always a result of a Dementia.  For the next 5 days this webinar is free.  Visit http://www.ericksonresource.com/webinars/ and enter and then apply the Coupon Code AD201402 to the Dementia webinar. 

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