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How I’m Enjoying Getting Older

March 22nd, 2017

I often catch myself saying, “Oye, I’m getting old!” It’s typically a response after I have tried to stand up but had to move slowly because something or other was aching – my hips, my knees, my back…

But if I really think about what “getting old” means, I’m not so sure I know.

If I look at my 92 year old grandma, I see a fully autonomous women, intact cognitively, still funny and vibrant, but moving a bit slower. If I think of my late grandfather, I see a man slowly deteriorating physically and cognitively and wishing for a rapid death.

As I look at my life, I find that getting older has been a gift. I am stronger emotionally and physically. I care less about what others think and more about how I feel. I take risks easily knowing that I have the strength to survive. I have learned how to breathe in the present moment and find gratitude in things I previously missed. I love getting older.

This Sunday on CJAD800, I begin a new endeavor as a host of a live weekly radio program, Life Unrehearsed. We will be discussing what “getting old” means. You can live stream the show if you are not local.

Tell me, what does “getting old” mean to you??????

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